Dungeness Crab Cajun Boil Bags

Fishermans Market Cajun Boil Bags

A Delicious Way to Bring Hungry, Seafood Lovin’ Folks Together

Looking for a tasty and fun seafood meal to serve up at your next party? The Mongers have you covered! Our made-to-order Dungeness Crab Cajun Boil Bags are a perfect choice for parties and family gatherings—or order one bag for a savory meal for two. No seasoning required, simply add the entire bag to boiling water and cook about 15–20 minutes. Each bag feeds two hungry peeps. We recommend serving with dinner rolls, to soak up some of the deliciously seasoned liquid.

Cajun Boil Bags

There is no minimum order but we ask for a 48 hour notice since the bags are prepared in-house. Due to the fluctuation seafood costs, prices are subject to change.

  • Cajun Crab Boil Bag | 40

    Each cajun crab boil bag feeds two and includes the following (all in a boil bag):

    • ½ Dungeness crab
    • ¾ lb ez peel shrimp
    • ¾ lb crawfish
    • ¾ lb steamer clams
    • ¾ lb mussels
    • ½ lb andouille sausage
    • whole ear of corn and roasted medley potatoes
    • Cajun butter

Please call (541) 484-CRAB for all substitution prices.

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Our Cajun Boil Bags are prepared in-house, so we ask for a 48 hour notice on all orders. To order, stop in, give us a call at 541-484-2722 or email to order yours today! Prices subject to change.


Shipping Available

Shipping available anywhere in the Continental US!

Featured in 541 Flavors

Our made-to-order Cajun Boil Bags have become a Market favorite and were featured in the November 25th edition of Register Guard’s 541 Flavors. If you missed it, check it out here541 Flavors: A bounty to reel in or haul out from Fisherman’s Market


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Fishermans Market Cajun Boil Bags
Fishermans Market Cajun Boil Bags
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