Fishermans Market Cajun Crawfish Pie

Featured on Food Network’s, Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives!

A celebration of flavor that combines crawfish, red and green bell peppers, tangy onions, tender potatoes with zesty spices, our Crawfish Pie is a comfort food crowd pleaser. This is a savory pie just like your mama used to make, with a southern twist!

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Now anyone in the continental United States can enjoy a taste of our famous Cajun Crawfish Pie in the comfort of their own home! Order a Cajun Crawfish Pie Package shipped to your door—perfect for a special gift, dinner parties or a delicious family meal!

Fisherman's Market Cajun Crawfish Pie

Local Pick Up Available

Local pie pick up option available from the Fisherman’s Market Freezer Case, check out our Local Pick Up Menu

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