Market Specialties

Crab Dinner  |  Market Price   
A whole fresh Oregon Dungeness crab freshly steamed with lemon & butter, served with your choice of: criss-cut fries & coleslaw or soup and Market caesar salad

Philly Fish Sandwich  |  $9.99
Grilled Mahi-Mahi topped with sautéed peppers, onions, and Colby cheese mix. Topped with Blackberry BBQ and Sarayo sauce. Served on a Pub roll with fries

Fishmarket Taco Plate  |  $9.99
Two tacos served with cabbage, pico de gallo, cotija cheese & homemade taco sauce with a side of brown rice and beans. Choice of grilled or fried fish: Mahi-Mahi or Prawns

Cajun Crawfish Pie, featured on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives  |  $11.99  |  single pie, $8.99
A delicious mix of crawfish tail meat, yellow onion, celery, sweet bell peppers, and heavy cream in a flaky pie crust. Served with a fresh garden salad topped with smoked Salmon and your choice of dressing

Snapper Sandwich  |  $8.99
Fresh fried snapper topped with lettuce, tomato, red onion, and our famous bang-bang sauce. On a fresh bun served with criss-cut fries.

fish & chips

We use only Trans Fat free oil, fried or grilled
Three lightly breaded fried or grilled fish fillets served with criss-cut fries, choice of coleslaw & two tartar sauces (see tartars & sauces list below)

Halibut  |  $13.99

Wild Salmon  |  $8.99

Mahi-Mahi  |  $8.49

Albacore Tuna  |  $8.99

Cod  |  $6.99

Oysters  |  $8.99

Bay Scallops  |  $8.99

Shrimp  |  $7.99

Calamari  |  $7.99

Clam Strips  |  $7.99

Snapper  |  $8.99

Chicken Strips  |  $7.99

Captain’s Platter  |  $12.99
Two pieces Cod, 5 shrimp, and 1/4 lb. clam strips


Charbroiled Sandwiches
A fillet of charbroiled fish on a toasted bun with lettuce, tomato & red onion. Served with fries, choice of coleslaw & one tartar sauce:

Halibut  |  $13.99

Wild Salmon  |  $10.99

Albacore tuna (in season)  |  $9.99

Mahi-Mahi  |  $8.99

Angus Beef Cheeseburger & Fries  |  $8.99
*add cheddar or mozzarella for $.50
*add blackened for $.50

Salmon Burger  |  $6.99
Our original recipe! Freshly ground wild salmon burger on a toasted bun with lettuce, tomato & red onion. Served with fries and choice of one tartar sauce.

Oyster Po’ Boy  |  $8.99
Fresh Oregon oysters fried crisp and served on a toasted roll with lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise, red onion & pickle. Served with fries.

Crab Cake Sandwich  |  $9.99
Homemade grilled crab cake on a toasted bun with lettuce, tomato & red onion. Served with fries & our Traditional tartar sauce.


Served a la carte with cabbage, pico de gallo, cotija cheese and taco sauce. Served with fries & our Traditional tartar sauce.

Choice of grilled or fried fish:

Mahi-Mahi or Prawns  |  $3.49

Grilled Sarayo Prawn or Fish  |  $3.49


Honey-Poppy Seed—Sweet Creamy Dressing

Cilantro-Lime—Tangy Vinaigrette

kids & seniors

[12 & under or 65 plus]

Cod & Chips (2 pieces)  |  $2.99

Salmon & Chips (2 pieces)  |  $3.99

Mahi-Mahi & Chips (2 pieces)  |  $3.99

Shrimp & Chips (4 shrimp)  |   $3.99

Clam Strips & Chips (1/4 lb. of  clam strips)  |   $3.99

Mini Corn Dogs & Chips (5 pieces)  |  $3.99

Chicken Strips & Chips (2 pieces)  |   $4.99


Clam Chowder  |  cup $3.50  |  bowl $6.00
our creamy New England style chowder

Crab Cakes  |  $5.99
Crab meat, sweet bell peppers, and seasoning

Drunken Clams  |  $8.99
Steamed in white wine, butter, & garlic

Oyster Shooter  |  $1.00
A raw Pacific Oyster shot with our signature cocktail sauce and lemon

Market Salad |  $3.99
Smoked salmon, romaine mix, cucumber tomato, red onion and your choice of dressing

Fisherman’s Seafood Stew |  cup $3.50 |  bowl $6.00
Light and creamy with shrimp and white fish, all in a tomato stock with herbs, white wine, garlic
celery and onions

Clam Strips |  $5.99
Half pound of crispy ocean clam strips served with cocktail sauce

Calamari  |  $4.99
Seasoned rings and tentacles tossed in flour, fried crisp

Shrimp Cocktail  |  $4.99
Oregon salad shrimp served with lemon and Captain Dick’s Cocktail Sauce

Crab Cocktail  |  $10.99
Fresh Dungeness crab meat service with lemon and cocktail sauce

extra fish

Add an extra piece of fish to your meal:

Halibut  |  $3.75

Salmon  |  $2.50

Cod  |  $1.75

Side of Fries  |  small, $2.00  |  large$2.50

Substitute Soup or Garden Salad for Fries  |  $1.50
(Full size meals only)

tartars & sauces 

Traditional Tartar—pickle, capers &dill

Ragin Cajun—spicy cajun, green onion, garlic

Bombay Bomber—yellow curry tartar

Tijuana Terror—jalapeno, lime & cilantro

Orient Express—wasabi, soy & ginger

Capt’n Dick’s Cocktail—tomato, horseradish, onion & herbs


Fountain Drinks  |  $1.99

Wild Craft Hard Cider  |  $6.00

Local Brewer Draft pints  |  $4.50

Pabst Blue Ribbon Draft pints  |  $2.25

Bottled Beer  |  $2.99

Individual bottle wine  |  $4.00

Wine by the bottle available with NO corkage fee! 

See our case for more drink options