Sauces & Marinades

We’ve bottled several of our most popular sauces from our famous Sauce Island at the Market! From Traditional Tartar to Cajun Sauce, Fisherman’s Kitchen sauces are an easy way to enhance the flavors of everything from seafood, burgers and even fries!

Fishermans Market Bottled Traditional Tartar Sauce

Traditional Tartar Sauce 4 Pack

A customer favorite! A perfect blend of dill, pickles and capers—great condiment on seafood dishes and appetizers. Includes four 11.8 ounce bottles of Traditional Tartar Sauce.

$34 Shipping Included

Fishermans Market Tijuana Terror Sauce

Tijuana Terror Sauce 4 Pack

A sweet and tangy medley of jalapeños and lime!

$34 Shipping Included

Fishermans Market Bottled Cajun Sauce

Cajun Sauce 4 Pack

A spicy sauce with cajun seasoning, green onion and garlic. Great on burgers and fries!

Includes four 11.8 ounce bottles of Cajun Sauce.

$34 Shipping Included

Fishermans Market Bottled Poke Marinade Sauce

Poke Marinade & Sauce 4 Pack

A delicious Hawaiian marinade and sauce made with ginger and cilantro. A perfect marinade for fish, shrimp, poke, Kuala pork, chicken and more!

Includes four 11.8 ounce bottles of Poke Marinade & Sauce.

$38 Shipping Included

Fishermans Market Bottled Bang Bang Sauce

Bang Bang Sauce 4 Pack

A delicious sweet, spicy and smoky sauce. Try it on salads, Ruebens, chicken dishes or coleslaw!

Includes four 11.8 ounce bottles of Bang Bang Sauce.

$34 Shipping Included

Fishermans Market Bottled Sauces

Pick 4 Variety Pack

Pick FOUR 11.8 ounce bottles of your choice! Choose FOUR sauces from our saucey line-up: Traditional Tartar, Tijuana Terror Sauce, Bang Bang Sauce, Cajun Sauce or Poke Marinade & Sauce.

Please include your FOUR flavor choices in the Notes area of the checkout. For example: 2 Tartar Sauces, 1 Cajun & 1 Poke