Seafood of the Month—Seafood Meals Delivered

From Our Kitchen to Your Oven!

Now anyone in the continental United States can enjoy a taste of Fisherman’s Market in the comfort of their own home—enjoy delicious seafood meals delivered to your door with Seafood of the Month! We’ve prepared a variety of mouth-watering, ready-to-bake seafood entrees and products from Fisherman’s Kitchen, our online store, for you and your family to enjoy. Perfect for a special gift, dinner parties or a delicious family meal, our seafood specialties are sure to please.

What’s Included?

Each month offers a variety of different entrées and products; selection changes each month, generally offering 1 large ready-to-bake seafood entrée and 3–6 smaller seafood selections.

Large Entrées

Cajun Crawfish Pie (featured on Food Network’s, Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives), Cedar Plank Salmon; Fisherman’s Lasagna; Salmon Shepherd’s PieLobster Mac & Cheese; Salmon Enchilada; Smoked Albacore Tuna Mac & Cheese and Smoked Salmon Ravioli

Smaller Seafood Offerings

Salmon Shepherd’s Pie (serves 1); Salmon Chowder Pot Pie (serves 1); Small Cajun Crawfish Pie (serves 1); Super Salmon Burger Patties (4 patties/1 lb); Smoked Salmon Summer Sausage (1.25 lb); Smoked Salmon Jerky (1/2 lb); Smoked Salmon Pepper Sticks (6 pack); Smoked Salmon (1/2 lb); Smoked Albacore Tuna (1/2 lb); Smoked Oysters (1/2 lb); Canned, Wild-Caught Seafood (1 can): Smoked Salmon (6 oz), Fancy Salmon (7.5 oz), Smoked Albacore Tuna (6 oz), Fancy Albacore Tuna (7.5 oz), Smoked Sturgeon (6 oz)

Check back soon for the October Seafood of the Month offerings!

Seafood of the Month Pricing

Pricing varies based on location and delivery method.
  • Local pick-up at Fisherman’s Market: $49
  • Shipped* within Oregon and Washington: $89
  • Shipped* within Continental US: $139
*Because we take great care to ensure that your seafood meals and products arrive fresh and in the best condition possible, we only offer next day and 2-day shipping. Products are packaged in styrofoam and should stay frozen for 48 hours.

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