Seafood of the Month—Seafood Meals Delivered

From Our Kitchen to Your Oven!

Now anyone in the continental United States can enjoy a taste of Fisherman’s Market in the comfort of their own home—enjoy delicious seafood meals delivered to your door with Seafood of the Month! We’ve prepared a variety of mouth-watering, ready-to-bake seafood entrees and products from Fisherman’s Kitchen, our online store, for you and your family to enjoy. Perfect for a special gift, dinner parties or a delicious family meal, our seafood specialties are sure to please.

October Seafood of the Month

This month’s featured entrée is our Salmon Enchilada. A fishmonger’s take on the classic Mexican dish! We combine our Southwest Salmon burger (made with wild-caught salmon) with sweet red pepper and tangy onion and wrap them in traditional corn tortillas—then top with a delicious creamy avocado-tomatillo sauce and cheddar cheese!

In addition to 1 large Salmon Enchilada, the October seafood box includes:

  • 1 smoked salmon pot pie (individual size): a flakey pot pie filled with our house-smoked wild salmon chowder
  • House-smoked salmon (½ lb):
    wild-caught salmon, smoked in-house
  • 1 beef summer sausage (1.25 lbs): a satisfying snack—fully cooked and ready to eat
  • 1 can of our Fancy Albacore Tuna (7½  oz): wild caught off the Oregon coast—perfect for seafood salad, casseroles, niçoise salad and a variety of dishes; add to your favorite recipes and enjoy!
  • 1 bottle of our Cajun Sauce (11.5 oz): great on seafood, burgers & fries our Cajun sauce is made with green onion, garlic and house-cajun seasoning—a Market favorite!

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Seafood of the Month Pricing

Pricing varies based on location and delivery method.
  • Local pick-up at Fisherman’s Market: $49
  • Shipped* within Oregon and Washington: $89
  • Shipped* within Continental US: $139
*Because we take great care to ensure that your seafood meals and products arrive fresh and in the best condition possible, we only offer next day and 2-day shipping. Products are packaged in styrofoam and should stay frozen for 48 hours.

October Seafood of the Month